I’ve known @sindresorhus for a long time, used some of his Apps, and I’m a big fan of his work. Here are some of his Apps that I use:


Even though I prefer using Safari as my default browser, there are certain cases where I need to open a link like Google Docs in Arc because Safari is logged in with my personal account, while Arc is with my work account. In cases like this, I use Velja:

  1. Set Velja as the default browser and Safari as the primary one
  2. Use Arc as the alternative browser and click on links while pressing Fn for them to open in Arc
  3. Set rules for specific URLs to open in Arc, with URL matching
  4. Velja’s Safari extension also supports to open the current webpage in Arc

Velja is More Than a Browser Picker


I need to send links from my iPhone to Mac for further reading, I have tried several methods:

  1. Tools like Pocket/Instapaper, which require opening the app on Mac to use
  2. Safari Reading List/iCloud Tabs, which I have been using for a long time before Hyperduck, but sometimes it does not sync well

Hyperduck does this job perfectly, shares link from Send to Mac, opens on Mac directly, and I don’t have to worry about syncing.

Thank you @sindresorhus for these great Apps! 🎉